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Locally owned and operated, Tree Medics is a Tampa based tree service company specializing in holistic tree care, for residential and commercial properties. Our Certified Arborist diagnose and treat pests, diseases, and disorders in your trees and shrubs. Tree maintenance, fertilization, soil aeration, sick tree revitalization, integrated pest management, and air spade are just a few of the many tree care services we offer.

When working with Tree Medics you can rest assured knowing you will always be met with a knowledgeable, courteous and punctual staff. With over 30 years experience you can expect the absolute best in tree health care.

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IPM Program

Integrated Pest Management focuses on an environmentally friendly approach to creating a healthier, more beautiful and balanced landscape. That prevents the need for constant intervention. 

Tree Service, looking up at a palm tree from the ground.
Palm Tree Services

Tampa’s palm trees are a Florida staple. Ensuring your palm trees live a long and healthy life means routine inspections and ensuring they are getting the right fertilizer to help them flourish.

Sick tree care, close up view on healthy green tree leaves
Sick Tree Care

With affordable holistic treatment options, that take your entire landscape into consideration, we make revitalizing and saving sick trees a top priority. While, ensuring your entire landscape thrives.

Sick Tree?Get Help Now!

Whether your tree is looking a little under the weather or is completely infested with insect pests, we’ve got you covered. Call us today to schedule your tree healthcare evaluation. 

Tree Medics' arborist performing root surgery with an air spade in Tampa
Local Air Spade Services

Utility Trenching, Tree Root Excavation and more...

Tree Medics is proud to be able to offer Tampa contractors and residents Air Spade services for construction, commercial, and residential tree care & tree service purposes. Our Air Spade service can be used to meet a variety of tree service needs including: tree root excavation, utility line trenching, and the installation of root barriers, irrigation systems, utility lines, and sprinkler systems.

Are you asking the right questions?
Hiring a Tree Service Professional

Quality tree care requires specialized skills and knowledge; therefore hiring a tree care service provider is an important decision. Before hiring a tree care company make sure…

  • They have a Certified Arborist on staff.
  • That they are insured & bonded to protect you from any liability, resulting from service related accidents.
  • The company can provide you with referrals, for work they have done.
  • That they will provide you with a detailed cost estimate, before services are rendered.
Searching for a Tree Service Expert?Look No further, We've Got You Covered.

Whether you have questions about your trees and shrubs, need a consultation, or want an estimate for tree care services we are here to help. Simply complete our easy to use online form and our Certified Arborist will contact you.

Why choose Tree Medics for tree care? We have the experience and knowledge to not only diagnose and treat health issues in your trees; but, also provide you with long term solutions that will prevent reoccurring tree health care issues. Our primary focus is preventative tree care through the use of holistic and environmentally friendly tree care approaches.

We look forward to helping you keep your trees and shrubs happy, healthy, and beautiful!

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