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Increase Your Property Value Up To $10,000

What if I told you, that a tree could actually increase the property value of your home by up to $10,000?

No, I’m not crazy. Not only are trees an asset to our environment and a beautiful addition to ones landscape; trees are also an asset to your property.  According to the Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers a healthy, mature tree can actually INCREASE your property value anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000, and that is not all. As an added bonus, like you really needed one, a well planted healthy tree can even help to reduce some of your monthly living expenses.

Plant a tree and save, on heating and cooling costs

A healthy, mature tree provides a much wider canopy for shading. During the hot summer months a well placed tree can help keep your home cool, by providing shade. Not only can the tree help your A.C. unit to work less, reducing your monthly cooling costs by as much as 50%; but, it stands to reason that this could even help to extend the life of your unit. This concept is no different than ensuring you have a good thermostat, the harder your unit has to work to maintain your home’s comfort level, the more wear and tare the unit will experience.

Similar, to how a tree can provide shading in the hot summer months; well positioned trees, that are structurally sound, can provide your home with some shelter from the wind during the colder months. Conifers, also commonly known as Evergreens, are the prefferable option.

Picking a tree, or trees, for your home

Planting a new tree is not a 5 minute chore, it takes time and research. Before selecting a tree consider the tree’s overall purpose and where you wish to plant it. For example, if you wish to provide shade for your home, then you will want to select a tree that is well suited to your region and that has a larger canopy for shading. Like wise, if your new tree is going to be planted near a driveway, walkway, or pool area you will want to be careful to avoid trees with shallow roots that are known for popping up out of the ground, or creating cracks in asphalt and concrete. It should also be noted that if you do intend on having a tree planted near a driveway, walkway, or pool you should have a Certified Arborist evaluate whether or not a root barrier will be needed.

In addition, think ahead to the size of the tree once it has matured, a very large tree next to a smaller home could actually make the home appear even smaller; or a tree planted near utilities could become a hazard once matured. Do your homework, research what trees are best suited in your region, best fit your purposes, and will work well in your landscape. You can always contact a Certified Arborist in your area, and they can evaluate your landscape for potential hazards, assist you in selecting the perfect tree, help you plant it properly, and set you up with a “Tree Care Maintenance Plan” to ensure your investment grows into a beautiful, healthy, mature tree you will admire for years to come.

How much are your trees worth?

There are four major factors involved in properly assessing the value of a tree:  size, species, location and condition. If you want to know the actual value of the trees on your property, get a tree Valuation, or appraisal from a Certified Arborist. If you are in the Tampa area, call your Tree Medics Certified Arborist, at 813-407-9974 for your tree valuation and your Affordable tree healthcare evaluation.


Thank you, for reading. Please, feel free to leave any questions, so long as they are tree related, or comments below and we will respond just as-soon-as we can.

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