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How to give ailing palm trees a chance

Picture of a Palm Tree

We live in a society filled with disposable things that are often discarded as soon as next year’s model comes onto the market. If you have an ailing palm tree in your yard, there is always the temptation to just get rid of it and plant a new one in its place. Yet the truth is that taking the time to address the health issues of your current backyard friend may yield many benefits over removal and replacement.

One of the benefits of restoring the vitality of your old palm through proper tree health care is that you do not suffer the high costs of replacement. Removing old trees is not an inexpensive proposition in any case. After that comes the costs and delays inherent in planting a new tree. It will take a long time before this replacement palm reaches the same majestic dimensions as the one you have now.

Nor should it be forgotten that transplanted trees require additional care in order to make sure that they successfully adapt to their new surroundings. In particular, new palms often require unsightly bracing to keep them from blowing over until they build a sufficient root structure to withstand high winds on their own.

Finally, it should be recognized that ailing palm trees are most often the victims of environmental factors around them. Placing a new tree into the same set of unaddressed conditions is likely to yield the same eventual results– another sick tree. Addressing these tree care factors as a doctor rather than as an undertaker can restore the current palm to its former beauty and cost much less than a new tree. Also, you should not worry about a palm tree getting old. Their average lifespan is often more than a century, and individual cells of a palm tree have been found that are over 700 years old.

From both a financial and aesthetic standpoint, proper tree health care is the option you should, in most cases, explore first. You will simply get more tree for your money by doing it that way. Starting from scratch often contains many hidden costs and risks of failure that are not immediately apparent at the outset. For more advice on how you can give your ailing palm tree a chance, speak to us at Tree Medics.

Palm tree by nobuto_m licensed under Creative commons 5

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