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Why caring for your trees benefits you

Picture of trees lining a neighborhood street in fall. A man and boy are walking along the sidewalk.

Often, little regard is given to trees in the technological, fast-paced world in which we live. Long term gain has been replaced with instant gratification, with next to no thought about the effect that this will have. Understanding the benefits of proper tree care will make it clear why you should invest time in your trees and will help you make smart decisions to get good care for them, too.

Here are three reasons why caring for your trees benefits you:

1. Health benefits

Healthy trees offer incredible health benefits. Trees help to keep the air clear of dust and pollutants, which may trigger environmental allergies, and they offer protection against solar radiation, which can cause harmful illnesses, such as cancer. Trees also help to block out noise, giving a more tranquil environment. Scientists have found that trees help to lower blood pressure, lower heart rate and reduce stress.

A good tip to make sure that you reap the benefits of being around healthy trees is to make sure that your trees are cared for by a capable tree care service, particularly one that focuses on tree health care, rather than removing trees.

2. Strengthens communities

Although trees can seem inconvenient in some locations, for example, when they are in close proximity to a home or are unsightly and diseased, healthy trees can help to make communities stronger. Some trees have been around for years and provide geographical history to be cherished by the community.

Healthy trees also add character to the community and help to instill a sense of pride. They allow for communities to come together and participate in activities, such as bird watching, or enjoying other forms of life that make trees their habitat. By finding a good company to take care of the trees in your yard, you can help to keep your community strong.

3. Provides hope for the future

Trees naturally provide oxygen, which benefits the Earth’s environment. While land development continues to advance to accommodate a growing population, such projects can lead to an increase in many illnesses and even social decline if trees are not preserved in the community.

Since natural resources are dwindling, maintaining healthy trees on our land will help to maintain the balance needed to usher in a hopeful future. A diligent tree care service will help to maintain the health of trees by properly watering, pruning and fertilizing the trees so that they can last for many years.

Trees are so much more than decorative landscape components. They actually offer real benefits which can help to increase quality of life both now and in the future. You can watch your yard become a center of countless rewards in your life by caring for your trees, so get in touch with the experts at Tree Medics today and see how we can help you.

Photo: Main Street – Historic Deerfield by Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism licensed under Creative commons 6

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