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Why Should I Use a Certified Arborist for Tree Care?

Photo of an arborist pruning a tree

Do you know how to care for a sick tree or how to maintain healthy trees on your property? Tree health is something that’s typically taken for granted by many, while tree maintenance is simply thought of as one of the many chores of a property owner. The truth is, the key to having healthy and thriving trees is by turning to a certified arborist for help. Their expertise will ensure your trees maintain their health for many years to come.

What is a Certified Arborist?

An arborist, on their own, is a tree professional that is highly trained with years of experience. They have superior knowledge of tree science such as their planting, maintenance, and ongoing care. While an arborist may have great study and knowledge about trees and tree care, a Certified Arborist is a tree professional that has received certification from the International Society of Arboriculture. To receive this achievement, a student must pass intense certification exams which test all aspects of arboriculture knowledge and experience.

A Certified Arborist can lend their expertise to the following tree care services:

  • Pruning: To encourage healthy growth of your tree, a certified arborist can perform pruning services which remove dead, dying, or diseased branches and stems. This will promote the natural growth and form of the tree.
  • Emergency Care: Some Certified Arborists provide around the clock emergency services to help in situations where trees have become hazards. This includes the results of natural disasters or trees that are in need of immediate aid for its health and survival.
  • Health & Diseases: An arborist can quickly identify and diagnosis pest issues or tree disease, followed by in-depth recommendations for how to appropriately treat the issue. In addition, they can aid you in preventing future issues, to help ensure your trees live a long and healthy life.

Why hire an arborist?

Certified Arborists are serious about their craft, which is proven in the number of hours they need to devote to the health and knowledge of trees. It’s also required that an arborist continues his or her education, learning the most recent arboriculture techniques, keeping ahead of known diseases or and learning additional ways for improving tree health. Hiring a Certified Arborists means you are dealing with a passionate, skilled, and experienced individual who will do the best for you and all the trees on your property.

Believe it or not, there is a world of knowledge that goes along with tree ownership. When you are planting or caring for the trees on your property, you are honing an investment which directly relates to the value of your property. Trees that are not regularly cared for can cause future damage to your property, or worse, you. It’s important to minimize the risk of damage to your property, or personal liability, by having a Certified Arborist properly care for a tree that is in need.

You can hire a Certified Arborist today, and take charge of the tree health care on your property. Contact a Tree Medics Certified Arborist today at 813-407-9974, tree service consultations are free, we also offer affordable tree healthcare evaluations.

Arborist by evcabartakova licensed under Creative commons 6

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