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Why you need a long-term tree maintenance program

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Tree care can fall in the gap between conventional landscape management services. Many times, home inspections consider the building structures and landscaping surfaces but exclude tree care. In order to maintain the health of your trees and the structural integrity of the surrounding land, it is imperative to keep them covered through a tree maintenance program. Here’s why…

Landscaping contracts generally exclude tree care

Landscaping generally contains two main elements: pruning and cutting for aesthetic appeal, and irrigation. While your maintenance company might prune away the twigs from your trees that are hanging too low or growing too close to your rooftop, that’s generally the extent of the contract’s specifications. While this can keep your tree looking nice for several months, it won’t protect against developing problems.

Problems with your tree aren’t immediately visible

Diseases take a while to develop into visible blemishes and bulges. At the point where the damage is significant enough for a casual glance to reveal it, the tree has already been severely impacted and, depending on the placement of the infection, the branch or the entire tree will need to be removed. More active tree maintenance and care will catch diseases at their onset, remove the beginning damage, and treat the tree to heal it and prevent future incidents.

Different trees need different preventative maintenance

Even though most trees need mulch and watering to get ready for winter, not all trees need the same amount, and sometimes they operate on different schedules. Different tree species also have different fertilization needs, and each landscapes soil is different with varying minerals and nutrients being already present in the soil.  Professional tree care companies and Certified Arborists can customize tree care based on each species’ specific needs, accounting for what is readily available or deficient in the surrounding landscape. It’s also important to get trees ready for spring and winter before the seasons even begin, and a tree maintenance program will account for these needs in advance, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Root damage and dehydration can also hurt or kill a tree without leaving behind visible signs of damage at the beginning. If your tree doesn’t receive enough water or is over, under or improperly planted it could take months for symptoms to appear or become visible to an untrained eye. Arborists are specially trained to identify potential hazards in your landscape before they become a costly problem.

Preserve the surrounding landscape

If trees grow unchecked, they can cause damage to their surroundings. Overgrown branches can tear and bend roof shingles or dig under vent flashing. Even the tree roots can cause serious damage: if a tree’s root system grows too close to foundations, driveways, walkways, and/or pools the roots can crack or shift the concrete. Addressing potential threats to the surrounding landscape and structures before they become problematic could save you thousands in the long run.

To discuss a long-term tree care maintenance program for your residential or commercial property contact the Certified Arborist at Tree Medics, 813-407-9974.

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