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Quarterly Tree Care

It is not an uncommon misconception for property owners to believe that having a lawncare company means, they do not need an arborist or tree care maintenance program. Unfortunately, that simply is not true. Your lawncare company is not trained to identify or treat insect pests and diseases in your trees. In addition, fertilizing your lawn alone, is not enough to properly care for your trees as there are many factors including location, soil composition, and species that play a factor in the fertilization needs of your trees. Trees require their own special care and improperly diagnosed or untreated issues in your trees can spread to your entire landscape.

Quarterly tree care is an affordable solution to preventing tree health care issues and is a small investment that helps to ensure the long-term health of your trees and landscape. In fact, quarterly tree care is so affordable that it will more than pay for itself in the long run. How, does quarterly tree care save you money? I’m glad you asked. Healthy trees increase property values and provide better shading, which can help decrease your energy bill. In addition, unhealthy trees are a liability issue, that could result in injury or property damage and costly tree removal fees.

Our arborist is specially trained to not only diagnose and treat insect pest infestations and diseases in your trees but, also prevent these tree health issues from occurring.

Why you need quarterly tree care?

Not unlike your home and car, your landscape requires routine maintenance to keep it looking pristine and to help you avoid outrageous out of pocket expenses down the road. When trees become sick the disease starts on the inside and progresses outwards. So, it could be years before the symptoms are visible to the untrained eye and in some instances, by the time you do notice the symptoms, it may be too late. However, with a quarterly tree care plan, the chances of your tree catching a disease or housing any unwanted pests are slim. With that being said there is always a chance; however, with a quarterly tree care plan you rest assured that your arborist will catch any health issues early.

Keep in mind not all trees are the same, different species of trees have different fertilization and watering needs. Hiring a professional tree care company or a certified arborist will give your trees the customized care they need. Your arborist will take samples from the soil, to be tested in the lab, so that they can ensure your tree is getting all the nutrients it needs to remain healthy and flourish.

Additionally, your arborist will inspect your tree during your quarterly visits for any potential injuries to the tree’s root system or trunk. In is not uncommon for property owners to over look the possibility of injury while trimming and mowing. However, injuries to exposed roots and the tree’s trunk can leave your tree susceptible unwanted tree diseases and insect pest infestations. During the inspection your arborist will point out any injuries and can provide you with tips on how to avoid these injuries during routine lawn care.

What can you expect with quarterly tree care?

Quarterly tree care is preventative tree care with the primary objective being to keep your trees beautiful, healthy, and flourishing; because a healthy tree is less susceptible to diseases and insect pest infestations. Therefore, prevention is the best defense against tree diseases and pests.

During your quarterly tree care appointment an arborist will come to your property and inspect your tree(s) and landscape for any existing health issues, or potential health threats. Your arborist will be looking for any visible signs of injury, structural defects, disease, or unwanted insects. Soil samples will be taken from the root zone, to be analyzed in a lab, and the results will be used to provide a nutrient solution, specific to your tree’s needs. Soil samples are also analyzed to check for any diseases, that may not yet be visible but, are present within the tree. During your quarterly tree care visit, your Tree Medics Arborist will apply any necessary fungicides and/or pesticides, and fertilize your tree with a micro and macro-nutrient solution specifically tailored to the needs of your tree, while taking your entire landscape into consideration.

First quarter tree care begins in January and is essential to preparing your trees for the impending growing season. Don’t wait! Call your Tree Medics arborist today at: (813) 407-9974 and schedule your first quarter tree care appointment. Ask for a free quote and our special pricing discounts for properties with 5 or more trees!

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