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How it all started...

Tree Medics is a professional tree service that was founded in 2004 by Certified Arborist, David Pippin. He began in Savannah GA with a passion for tree healthcare and the goal of promoting it to the fullest. Although Savannah is well known for it’s majestic and historic Live oaks, the area’s tree healthcare industry was practically non-existent. Most of the municipalities’ trees were taken care of, but the majority of private and commercial property owners needed a quality company that could, and would, provide the best care at affordable prices. Since 2004, Tree Medics has become the leader in proper diagnostics and holistic treatments that address the entire problem(s), not just the acute symptoms. Tree Medics has helped to save hundreds of trees from a wide array of disorders (i.e., insects, fungus, diseases, mechanical damage and root zone problems), and has provided protection for trees on many construction sites. Unprotected, these trees may have otherwise been damaged by one or more issues (i.e., soil compaction, chemical spills, mechanical damage to the bark/vascular system or severed roots from digging/trenching).

A 3rd Generation Arborist

Getting to know David...

I began my study of trees over 25 years ago in my family’s tree care business. I am a 3rd generation Arborist following in the family’s footsteps. My uncle has been an Arborist all of his life, after his father and they taught me all they could about trees. My uncle still teaches me a thing or two to this day! Since the closing of the family business, I have worked for several tree care companies from north to south and coast-to-coast working my way through school. I studied at Florida State for business management, then at Virginia Tech where I obtained my Arborist Certification. Horticulture, arboriculture, biology and chemistry were my areas of study as well as being my favorite subjects.In 2000, I settled back home in Georgia and began working for Historic Tree Preservation (now Bartlett Tree Experts). I furthered my study of Arboriculture by attending the Bartlett Labs’ classes, workshops and study courses. I left my employment with Bartlett to start my own business to be more focused on tree healthcare issues rather than tree removals. In 2014 I decided to open another branch office in Tamp Bay FL, where I now reside.

I have developed new, improved and unique methods of administering tree care solutions. Having networked with several chemical manufacturing companies, product suppliers, university PhD’s and equipment manufacturers from all over the country (as well as Europe), I am able to ensure that the best treatment options are available to our clients. I am committed to the holistic approach to tree healthcare for our customers. I strive to help increase their awareness of tree health issues as well as helping to create an affinity between them and their trees.

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Whether you have questions about your trees and shrubs, need a consultation, or want an estimate for tree care services we are here to help. Simply complete our easy to use online form and our Certified Arborist will contact you.

Why choose Tree Medics for tree care? We have the experience and knowledge to not only diagnose and treat health issues in your trees; but, also provide you with long term solutions that will prevent reoccurring tree health care issues. Our primary focus is preventative tree care through the use of holistic and environmentally friendly tree care approaches.

We look forward to helping you keep your trees and shrubs happy, healthy, and beautiful!

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