Air Spade Services for Excavation and Trenching

What is an Air Spade?

An Air Spade is a tool that utilizes pressurized air to safely and effectively till through even the toughest of soil. Using an air spade for trenching is two to three times faster than conventional excavation methods and safer. Since the tool uses air, it alleviates the dangers associated with trenching with sharp objects such as picks and shovels. Eliminating the risk of damaging buried objects such as utility lines, telecommunication lines, and even the finest, most fragile, tree roots.

Air Spading for Construction

Are you a local contractor or construction company?

In order to pass city inspections on your construction sites you will need Air Spade services. Tree Medics is experienced in construction zone tree care and offers ALL of the tree services you need to not only pass city inspections but, also ensure the health of the trees inside of your construction zones. Our Air Spade service is generally used on construction sites near trees for the purpose of relieving soil compaction inside the root zones, exploratory trenching to expose hidden pipes, and trenching for the installation of utility lines.

Common Air Spade Uses

There are many practical real-world uses for Air Spading services. Here are some of the more common uses:

  • Excavating tree roots for the purpose of pruning, correcting girdling root, and treating other tree root diseases.
  • Installing root barriers to protect foundations, walkways, driveways, and pools from tree root damage.
  • Utility trenching for the installation of irrigation systems, sprinkler systems, and other utility lines.
Air Spade to Save & Rehab Trees

Air spading is for more than just utility line trenching and the installation of tree root barriers. Here at Tree Medics we utilize our air spade to perform tree root surgeries and excavations to save and rehabilitate sick trees, suffering from various tree root and collar disorders.

Learn more about how air spading can be used to save trees and protect infrastructure:

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