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Your Tree Care Guide

A comprehensive guide to Tree Care, and more. This blog is provided to you by the professionals at Tree Medics, a tree care service located in Tampa, FL and staffed by Certified Arborists.

one unhealthy oak tree with yellow leaves, and one healthy oak tree with dark green leaves
Tree Care Maintenance
David Pippin

Revitalize & Save Your Sick Tree

Having a routine tree care maintenance plan, helps to prevent the development of sick trees throughout your entire landscape. However, not all residential and commercial

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Large garden with bright green grass and green trees. Lots of yellow, purple, and pink flowers lining the pathway.
Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
David Pippin

How IPM Benefits your Landscape

Your landscape is an integral part of your surrounding community and ecosystem; and it is continually evolving as it is impacted by the varying elements

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bright green feather like palm tree fronds
Palm Tree Care
David Pippin

Palm Tree Care in Fall

Fall comes with an onslaught of seasonal expectations such pumpkin spiced lattes, warm sweaters, and the coloring of the leaves as the trees go dormant

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