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Palm Tree Pruning

Palm trees are commonly used within landscapes throughout Florida for their tropical appearance and beauty, therefore having spectacularly vibrant palms is preferential. This is where proper pruning comes in, different species of palms require different pruning techniques. In addition, palm tree trunks are unlike typical tree trunks and improper pruning that results in damage to the trunk may not heal. Improper pruning can also lead to malnutrition in the palm, the most common being Potassium Deficiency. Potassium deficiency resulting from improper pruning in palm trees is caused by trimming away green fronds that are not ready to be dropped.

Most palm trees only needed to be pruned, or trimmed, once a year. Pruning in palm trees is a technique used to remove dead or dying fronds, fruits, and seeds that are unnecessarily using up nutrients that the mature fronds and new growth need.

Tree Medics Certified Arborist is trained in proper palm tree pruning (trimming) mechanics, and can ensure that your palm tree will look great and flourish. Give us a call at (813) 407-9974 today to schedule an appointment.

What to expect at your appointment? An arborist will come to your property and provide you with an in-person palm tree health care evaluation and tree service estimate, this service is provided free of charge, in Hillsborough County.


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