Construction Protection

Protecting your trees throughout the construction process pays out 10 fold by providing your property with enhanced curb appeal, a positive reputation, and an increased profit. Saving and protecting trees during site development requires careful planning and communication among all members of the construction crew. Tree Medics’ Certified Arborists are trained to assess potential risks and create, as well as, maintain a tree protection plan of action during construction and site development. Call your Tree Medic Certified Arborist today at (813) 407-9974, to schedule a consultation.

The Construction & Tree Protection Process

Before Construction

Contact our professional Certified Arborist to evaluate and take inventory of the existing trees on the development site, or property. Your Tree Medics arborist will record the location, variety, health, and size of each tree on the property; an accurate tree inventory is the necessary foundation of a tree protection plan. Our certified aroborists are specially trained to valuate healthy trees and identify stressed or declining trees that may require treatment, or removal, prior to development.

After the arborist has inventoried and identified the the priority trees, trees that need to be protected, and the trees that will be removed, trees that are too sick or damaged to be saved, the construction team can create a base map. The base map should be used to identify which trees are to be protected, their approximate fenced tree protection zones (TPZs); as well as, trees that will need to be removed or pruned to make room for structures and future growth. Foundations, utility lines, etc should also be marked on this map.

After the tree protection zones have been clearly mapped out you can create your tree protection plan, you will want to consult with your certified arborist to identify any potential conflicts between the construction process and protecting the trees. Developing a tree protection plan takes time but, pays off in the long run as it better enables you to foresee any problems that could create delays in the construction schedule and increase expenses. In addition, while constructing the tree protection plan, your Certified Arborist will be able to assist in identifying where Air Spade services will be required, in accordance to city regulations, for land development processes such as: utility line excavation and installation, root collar excavations, and the installation of root barriers to protect foundations, sidewalks, driveways, pools, etc.

During Construction

Trees require continued oversight and vigilance throughout the construction process to ensure they are not declining, or becoming stressed. All TPZs should be fenced off with “Keep Out” signs on all sides of the fencing, construction equipment should NOT be stored in a tree protection zone, and fences should be checked regularly to ensure the integrity of the fencing and repaired, or replaced as needed. You can set up a schedule with your arborist, to have them come out an assess the health of your trees throughout the construction process.

After Construction

After the construction process is complete all TPZ fencing will need to be removed and trees will need to be evaluated for potential damage, stress, or decline. Routine tree maintenance should be continued after the construction process is complete to ensure the long term health of the trees and treatment may be required for any trees that where damaged or are suffering from disease, or tree insect pests.

Call (813) 407-9974 and speak with a Certified Arborist at Tree Medics today, to learn more about protecting trees in your construction zone.

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