Fertilization & Tree Root Zone Management

Healthy trees start at the roots! Tree roots require loose, rich soil in order to exchange air, water, and nutrients freely. When the soil lacks any of these attributes, the tree suffers. We usually do not recognize a problem with our trees until they show signs of decline in their crown (i.e., loss of or discoloration of foliage, infestation of pests, or disease, etc.).

Tree Fertilization

Water and Fertilization are the two most basic, and common, needs of trees living on residential and commercial properties. In order to avoid over “dosing” your trees with minerals and nutrients all ready excessively present in the soil, Tree Medics says NO to just using a “general fertilizer”. We will come out and take soil samples from the tree(s)’ root zone, to be analyzed by our labs, and then provide you with a nutrient solution specific to your tree’s needs.

Deep Root Fertilization

What is deep root fertilization?

Deep root fertilization is the process in which a high quality nutrient rich solution is injected, under pressure, into the root zone of your trees. This method not only ensures your tree is getting the nutrients needed to thrive but, helps to aerate the soil around the roots, providing the tree’s root system with much needed oxygen. Soil injections sites are placed in a grid pattern 2-3 feet apart and are injected into the top 12-14 inches of soil, where the majority of feeder roots are located.

What are some benefits of deep root fertilization?

  • Increased foliage density and greener leaf color
  • Soil aeration, increasing the oxygen content in the soil
  • Promotes absorption of oxygen
  • Improves tree disease resistance
  • Promotes healthy root growth

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