Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Our IPM Program Overview


Tree Medics’ Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program cares for your plants holistically, from roots to shoots. Regular inspections of your plants, necessary treatments and full reporting are included in our IPM program.


Regular visits to property are scheduled in order to inspect for insects, mites, and diseases. Thorough inspections are key in evaluating plant health.


When needed, the proper materials are selected for targeted treatment. Our IPM program utilizes 4 types of management methods: Biological, Cultural, Mechanical, and Chemical; often in combination with each other.


All findings, treatments and recommendations are documented. Reporting helps to track our progress and it provides our clients with a record of all work performed.

Tree Health Care Issues Revealed

Ladybug attacking insect pest in tree leaves

Insects & Mites

During our visit, Tree Medics’ Plant Health Care Specialists (PHC) will monitor your plants for evidence of insects and mites, as well as conditions that may favor an outbreak. Treatments may be used as a preventative or corrective. Tree Medics may use Natural, Organic or conventional pesticides, Cultural methods &/or Biological releases, depending on the issues and your preferences.

Foliage Disease, Diseased Tree

Plant Diseases

Diseases often attack stressed plants. Some may develop when weather conditions allow infection by Fungal & Bacterial agents. Tree Medics’ Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program provides effective solutions for prevention and treatment.

Symptoms of tree root disease in foliage

Root Disease

Many plants are attacked by Root Rot fungal disease, especially when growing in poorly drained soils. For many diseases, accurate diagnosis is required in order to take the best actions &/or select the proper materials to achieve the best outcome. Tree Medics works closely with University of Florida Labs for precise identification of all pest and disease issues for our clients.

Picture of leaves affected by root disease

Foliar Diseases

Plants may also be attacked by Fungal, Bacterial or Viral diseases through their foliage. Our PHC/IPM Specialists are trained to know plant susceptibility to common foliar diseases, such as: leaf blight, Anthracnose, powdery mildew or Lethal yellowing. If needed, preventative treatments may be applied before your plants become affected.

Picture of hands holding soil, earth

Nutrient & Soil Deficiencies

Tree Medics will collect soil samples, periodically, to help ensure a proper balance of mineral nutrients. Targeted soil treatments may be necessary to correct any imbalances.

Tree Medics' Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program includes:

PHC Specialists that are trained in all aspects of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). With over 20 years experience & access to top scientific labs in FL (UF/PDC), you can be assured that your plants receive the best care available.


Tree Medics utilizes proven innovations, such as: Slow release fertilizers, Insect traps & plant tissue testing.


Tree Medics is always searching for new & effective methods that promote natural biological control of pests/diseases in a focused effort to help reduce chemical pesticides.

Tech Support

Even with experience and training, we may still encounter difficult issues to diagnose. In most cases, samples will be sent to the lab for quick & accurate diagnosis.

Early detection of plant issues, along with targeted treatments will protect the beauty & vigor of your plants using an environmentally sound program. Tree Medics is committed to reduction of chemical usage and encouraging natural biological controls, while protecting the environment and your landscape investment.

Call a Tree Medics Certified Arborist at (813) 407-9974, to discuss how an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program can benefit you and your landscape.

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Why choose Tree Medics for tree care? We have the experience and knowledge to not only diagnose and treat health issues in your trees; but, also provide you with long term solutions that will prevent reoccurring tree health care issues. Our primary focus is preventative tree care through the use of holistic and environmentally friendly tree care approaches.

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