Storm Damage Protection

Storm Damage to Trees may be caused by several factors, such as Lightning strikes, wind or heavy precipitation. Tree Medics offers protection for your trees through the following options:

  • Lightning Grounding Systems
  • Regular Inspections of Tree Structure
  • Cabling and Bracing Systems
  • Pruning Techniques to help lessen wind resistance
  • Decay Detection in Trunk & Branches

Lightning Grounding Systems

Lightning grounding systems are used to attract lightning to the cable/rods in the tree, then safely ground it out avoiding damage to your tree or other property. These systems are very effective and usually remain in place and effective for many years.​

Tree Structure Inspection

Your trees’ structure is very important. Often, branches have poor attachments to the tree’s trunk. These branches may remain on the tree for many years without any noticeable signs of trouble. This is due to the fact that many of these branches have very small fractures or cracks under their bark at the point of attachment. Tree Medics’ Arborists are trained to detect these issues and make recommendations to correct them BEFORE they break off in low-speed winds.

Cable/Brace Systems

Cable/brace systems connect branches together with high strength steel cables and high grade bolts to help support weakly attached branches and help prevent them from breaking apart.

Pruning Techniques

Pruning Techniques are used to thin the canopy of your tree and thereby allowing wind to pass through the tree more easily. Our Certified Arborist is skilled in proper pruning techniques that help reduce wind drag without adding stress to your tree.

Detecting Decay in the Trunk & Branches

Detecting Decay in your trees’ trunk and branches will help you to know whether there is a hidden problem within the trees’ wood structure that could potentially cause failure. Tree Medics’ Arborists are trained to detect, diagnose and measure the amount of decay, if any, present in your tree.

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