Tree Insect Pests and Diseases

Identifying Pests and Diseases in your Trees

Tree insect pests and tree diseases are common contributors to the health decline and/or death of trees throughout the United States. Accurate identification of a tree pest and/or tree disease is critical to gaining control. Equally as important is knowing which treatment option to administer; whether it be chemical, biological, or environmental.

Diagnosis and proper treatment of tree ailments can be a very complex process, with hundreds of possible outcomes; because many tree health issues can exhibit the same signs and symptoms. For example, spots on leaves can be caused by fungi, poor nutrition, or infestation from a wide array of tree insect pests. Another example is the loss of foliage which can be a result of root damage, soil compaction, poor nutrition, fungus, or girdling root. Which is it, and what do you do about it? Tree Medics professional Certified Arborist is trained to do exactly that, figure out where the problem is stemming from and provide you with a long term solution. We don’t just treat the immediate issues, we get to the root of the problem to prevent reoccurring tree health care problems.

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